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Where Has Jossy Care Been?

Where have I been ….

Well, it’s been an extremely long long time, since I last blessed you all with a blog.

I was finding it hard to juggle work life and life life, yet this also work. Oooops. After reading a few time management books, meditating and doing more yoga. Nothing made a difference to my time management LOL.


It was precisely today Wednesday 20th March 2019 @ 2.20 pm whilst sitting in the “Bernie Grant Centre” that I told myself it’s now or never. Okay never is an exaggeration. But you catch my drift.


Whilst away. I have been up to so much, podcast, newspaper, YouTube (Now Chat Show), magazine and radio interviews as well as being nominated for National Diversity Award all in the name of “Jossy Care”. Hackney Gazette, Timeout London, East London Radio, Now Chat Show. These are just few. The rest our elsewhere on my site.


It has been an amazing start to the year, carrying on from the amazing year I had last year with the launch of “Jossy Care”. Things have rocketed, and I now even have a “Pr Team” due to all of the media attention “Jossy Care” has been receiving.


So yes, I’ve been super busy and super procrastinating, but change is inevitable true? And one thing I’ve learnt from children is to just do, don’t think just do. So I’ve encompassed that energy and goodwill. Which has enabled me to come back with a bang and an even more heartfelt approach.


The “Super Manny Is Back!!! ”and just in time before my 31st Birthday in April. Energised, motivated and ready to support all your families that are aboard “ Jossy Care”  airways.