Jossy Care seeks to provide a heartfelt and attentive approach when caring for children

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Putting love into your families

Love is a wonderful character trait to begin learning about, especially if you’re trying to implement love as a new culture of rhythm in to your families’ core beliefs and every day routines.


At Jossycare we believe that children subconsciously act on what they hear and see, ‘learnt behavior’. For example, if they have been hearing “I love you” constantly, and also seeing it acted out positively. It will help them to understand it and hopefully feel it, as well as putting their own emphasis on to it when acting it out willingly or by force of habit..

This understanding can then be applied to other character traits, such as patience and responsibility. Once you see the connection between the traits and how they improve one’s well-being and relationship with others, there is a domino effect and the awareness of values in everyday life becomes more apparent.