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Fathers of Daughters

What a Girl Needs From Her Father

Fathers have been given a tremendous ability to influence the lives of their daughters – either positively or negatively. How a father treats his daughter will shape how she views herself and how she expects to be treated by other men for the rest of her life. Girls need the following intangibles from their fathers. Be aware of these needs and focus on discovering ways to fulfill them in your daughter’s life even from an early age.


Gaining Respect

One of the most important attributes a girl needs to have is respect for her father. It may even be more important that she respects him than that she loves him. That’s not just because men require respect more than they do love but because it is healthy for her in all areas of life. Without that respect, she will drown in the rugged seas of adolescence.  But if your daughter respects you, she will willingly follow your wishes as she knows they are in her best interest.

Speaking Truth

Girls need their fathers to speak truth into their lives. Teach your daughter the absolute truth that she can be anything she wants in life, whether she chooses to be a veterinarian, a lawyer, a doctor, an astronaut, a writer. Teach her to be free, strong, and independent.

Sharing Physical Activity

Your daughter’s weight or body shape is destructive to her self-esteem, a good way to help her stay mentally and physically healthy is to include her in your physical activities. Females place more emphasis than is healthy for them on their physical appearance. Additionally, eating disorders and negative body image are rampant among young women.

Practising Consistency

Perhaps the most important principle a girl needs her father to practice is consistency. Her world, especially during adolescence, will be one of mercurial ups and downs. She needs her dad’s steady guidance and calm, objective presence. She needs a father who is balanced: strict but kind, loving, and forgiving. She needs a rock that she can depend on when all else is falling down around her.