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Children Being Scared

It is completely normal for children to develop fears at some point. However, most childhood fears are irrational.

How Do Childhood Fears Emerge?

Childhood fears are a normal and natural part of development. They emerge in the gap between being exposed to something new and mastering the experience. This is why you will notice that ‘typical’ childhood fears change as children age.

Signs that your child may be afraid include being hesitant to try new things or being overly clingy or distracted. Your child may also exhibit signs such as sweaty palms, headaches or stomach pains

Addressing their childhood fears and taking them seriously is important to helping your children feel safe. Helping your child in overcoming fear is something all parents should take seriously

How Can You Help Your Child Overcome Fears?

As a parent, you may not be able to safeguard your child entirely from developing fears, but though the way you talk to them makes a big difference.