Jossy Care seeks to provide a heartfelt and attentive approach when caring for children

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Education Through
Inspiration & Fun

Play gives children the chance to invent, build, expand, explore and develop a whole different part of the brain.

Parks, playgrounds, libraries and local age<br /> specific classes

Cooking together gives families a time to share, bond and work together

Making sure immunisations are updated, giving parents a peace of mind


Always meeting the requirements for safety and learning and development.

Enhancing the children’s development

by implementing various learning activities

For as long as I’ve known this man he has always had a caring and loving nature. He has always been good with children of all ages and he is the definition of doing something that you truly love. Anything this man does is from the heart, he will love and protect your children as if they are his own. He will teach them right from wrong at all times in a manner no parent can fault and a lot of parents can learn from. Having an exceptional work ethic and mindset ready to apply to any profession; the childcare industry are lucky to have Joss. If he doesn’t deserve the award and even more than I don’t know who does.


Joss is amazing person firstly liked to add He is a breath of fresh air as childminder./ as he was my son key worker at prior Weston school. Joss is hard working and amazing with kids. He is fun and loving. His teaching of Development skills as well making my son feel confident and the ability to do Things where he felt he couldn't... he is 100 the best person for this award . We miss him very much .


An inspiring and wonderful young man so deserving of this award!


Joss, is a very caring and attentive person, I’ve lnown him for about 7 years and the passion he has for his work, is more than Work he is shaping young kids lives and babysitting: nannying is more than just a job!